Oral Surgery in Orangeville, Ontario

At Lord Dufferin Dental Centre, we always try to save your teeth whenever possible. However, if a tooth is damaged beyond repair or a wisdom tooth is causing harm, we may recommend an tooth extraction.

Wisdom teeth can become problematic when they fail to erupt properly. They can negatively impact nearby teeth by pressing up against them and causing pain and discomfort. This can also possibly lead to an infection and damage to nearby areas. In addition, wisdom teeth are also harder to clean due to their location, which can increase the risks of cavities and gum disease.

To prevent these oral health problems, wisdom teeth may need to be removed. However, before removing any tooth, the dentist will carefully examine it to determine its location and potential impact on your oral health. If a tooth extraction is recommended, it is performed under local anesthetic or a general anesthetic to ensure you don't feel anything during surgery. Once the tooth is removed, the area is restitched to allow for healing.

Some other dental surgeries commonly performed include:

  • Dental implants.
  • Periapical surgery.
  • Bone grafting.
  • Sinus grafting.
  • Jaw joint treatment.
  • Teeth or jaw fractures.

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