Orthodontist Orangeville, Ontario

Malocclusion is a common oral problem for many children. This is when your teeth don't line up and can cause bite and jaw problems.

To ensure your children’s teeth are growing properly, regular examinations at your dentist are highly recommended. Tooth problems are much easier to treat when discovered earlier.

Orthodontic dentistry involves the use of orthodontics and orthopedics to correct misalignment problems. Orthopedics involves the use of retainers and other temporary dental instruments. The benefits of orthopedics are that the oral appliances are not bonded to your teeth and cab be removed at any time. This allows you to eat and clean your teeth as you normally would. If orthopedics is started early enough, it can prevent the need for braces.

If you are suffering from extensive dental problems, the dentist may recommend orthodontics which involves the use of braces and longer-term dental appliances which are bonded to your teeth. You will have to return to the dentist regularly to have them tightened. The pressure placed on the teeth pushes them into a healthy position to create an attractive smile.

Depending on your case, your orthodontic treatment can last anywhere from several months to years. Treatment requires a lot of commitment since you will have to learn how to properly clean your teeth and gums with the braces on. However, rest assured, once your treatment is complete, you will have a healthy straight smile you can be proud of.

The dental team at Lord Dufferin Dental Centre will work with you to ensure your child receives the appropriate treatment. Contact us in Orangeville for more information.