Orthodontist In Orangeville, Ontario

Many of us have to deal with teeth that are crooked or misaligned - especially children. Malocclusion is a prevalent condition where your teeth fail to align properly; however, it is very treatable. Crooked teeth and overcrowding can cause a number of problems including speaking and bite problems. Increased risks of decay and gum disease are also issues since crooked teeth are harder to properly clean. However, probably the biggest consequence of tooth misalignment is that it ruins the beauty of your smile. The good news is that malocclusion is quite treatable with the proper plan and tools.

The first step to treatment is having your child come in for an examination. This allows us to have a good idea of their oral health and treat any issues before they become serious – and the earlier the better. Things the dentist will be looking for include bite misalignments, crooked teeth, and jaw problems. Depending on your child’s case, your dentist may recommend orthopedics which involves using retainers and other removable dental devices to correct misalignment issues. Orthopedics helps to guide your teeth, jawbone and facial into optimal development. Effective orthopedics can even prevent the use of orthodontics, which includes the use of braces for a longer period of time.

Orthodontic treatment is usually longer and can last for several years depending on your case. Because the braces are bonded directly to the teeth, the dentist can more accurately guide your teeth into optimal position.

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